“Volkan’s Marvelous jazz journey…”

The Charlie Parker Tribute event was two nights before the Hancock concert. Under the leadership of Roy Haynes, musicians who had played with Parker when he was alive would take the stage that night. Their bass player would be John Patitucci.

It was later announced that Patitucci would not be able to come and that Christian McBride would play in his stead. However, as luck would have it, McBride had to step back due to another important commitment: Ray Brown, one of the world’s best bass players, had passed away and Stephen McBride was supposed to be at the funeral, as Brown had wished for it in his will. The concert was in serious jeopardy…

At that exact time, the question as to whether there was anybody else in Turkey as qualified to cover for McBride and play with this distinguished collection of musicians started circulating.

Volkan Hürsever came first in everyone’s list of names. At the time, unaware of all this, Volkan was driving around Canakkale.

Luckily he still had cell reception. When he answered the phone, it was Görgün Taner telling him that they were expecting him to play at the concert in Ýstanbul the next day.

Volkan’s reply was “Görgün, our concert with Kerem Görsev is not until the 19th and today is only the 7th. Don’t you also think it is a bit too early?”

Görgün: “No my dear friend, the concert I am talking about is with Roy Haynes, Kenny Garrett, Nicholas Payton. They are expecting you soon for rehearsals. You will play with them.”

The situation can translate as follows: Suppose you are a very good football player but your talent has not been discovered yet. One day Fatih Terim calls you to say that he is expecting to see you at the next team practice….

Volkan took to stage on Monday and played his instrument like nobody’s business!

Let me tell you how well he played: After the concert Nicholas Payton offered Volkan to play with them at the Venice Jazz Festival!

Kanat Atkaya , 12 Temmuz 2002 , HÜRRÝYET