Volkan Hürsever´s Gift is Ready !!!...

Three of Turkey´s most prominent jazz musicians Volkan Hürsever (double bass) Burçin Büke (piano) Volkan Öktem (percussions) are offering to lovers of jazz music their long-expected album as one of the finest Gifts of 2009.

Hediye (the Gift) was formed first as the result of a long-standing friendship and musical exchange between Burçin Büke and Volkan Hürsever. With Volkan Ektem’s entry into the ensemble, this synergy of three distinct yet harmonic souls culminated into the Gift.

While listening to Gift you can enjoy both the compositions of individual musicians and also their work as an ensemble. Alongside seven contemporary instrumental pieces, the unique interpretation of the jazz classic the Autumn Leaves from Hürsever-Büke-Öktem brings a new touch to the Gift from long time ago.

Instead of uttering ambitious statements about the Gift, the trio believes in the sole pleasure of making music together; and share the joy with their audience.

1. Foça Tangosu
Burçin Büke
2. Hediye
Volkan Hürsever
3. Gözyaşı
Burçin Büke
4. Autumn Leaves
J. Kosma
5. Bora
Volkan Hürsever
6. Mazi
Volkan Öktem
7. Doğa
Burçin Büke
8. No.51
Volkan Hürsever, Burçin Büke,Volkan Öktem

Sabah 29.10.2009