British Airways reaches out to Jazz-Enthusiasts with Volkan Hürsever...

British Airways, a British airline company which has been in operation in Turkey since1946, is collaborating with Volkan Hürsever, who is one of the leading figures of jazz music in Turkey.

British Airways, a global airline which offers flights to 140 destinations worldwide, is supporting Volkan Hürsever´s passion for music and its latest fruit: "Hediye", his newly released cd composed of 8 songs. This album has been included in the cabin-entertainment playlist of intercontinental flights and the jazz-enthusiasts have been enjoying it thanks to the sponsorship of British Airways since September.

British Airways has until now included the albums of worldwide famous musicians such as Etta James, Harry Allen, Brad Mehldau and Michael Buble in their select playlist. This is the first project in which British Airways is collaborating with a Turkish artist.

Ayşim Arda, the Commercial Manager of British Airways in Turkey, declared that they too could not withstand the power of the increasing interest in jazz music. She added that "in order to keep pace with this trend and offer our passengers a more colorful and varied scala of music we have decided to see what will come out of this new encounter with a Turkish jazz musician."

While explaining the selective process that them led them to Volkan Hürsever, Ayşim Arda explains that "his passion for music, his extensive knowledge on music, impressive musical career and versatility were the components that made us believe we saw eye to eye when it came to quality." Ayşim Arda adds that bringing together British Airways, which is an ever-growing global trademark and a Turkish musician has made them really proud and that they are equally thrilled about future album and concert collaborations under their sponsorship.

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